It’s baseball season, and this is your friendly reminder, baseball (and softball) parents, to do your concession stand duty without putting up a fight! I know everyone cringes when they hear concession stand duty, but it’s a key piece of most baseball leagues.

If you dread the thought of concession stand duty, take a minute to really think about what the league is asking. In most cases it’s only an hour or two of your time.

Now think about how much time your child’s coaches are giving. Every week, they are giving at least 3 hours for practice and games alone. Even more if they are coaching multiple teams. Outside of practice and games, coaches are working on plans for practice drills and games, they may be buying team equipment, and checking in on their players. Coaches and their families give countless hours for the better of the team and the league.

You can find an hour or two to give back as well.

When your team mom, coach, or league president asks for help in the concession stands, hold back your urge to cringe, Instead, please just say “Sure! Whenever you need me!”.

Do you know what happens if no one volunteers? Since the concession stands are staffed entirely by volunteers, either someone else has to step up (and maybe miss their own child’s game) or they have to close the concessions stands. 

If you sign up for a shift, show up! Don’t make  your coach or concession stand manager stress because there’s no one there to run the stand or that they can’t open the stand at all. 

It’s really not that hard. It’s rolling hot dogs on the grill, selling $1 slushies, and dropping baggies of fries in the fryer, with a bunch of other baseball moms and dads — none of which requires any real skill, or hard work, or perfection.

And it’s what keeps the league going. The concession stand income helps keep registration fees lower,  helps purchase equipment needed for the players or umpires ,  provides funds to upkeep the fields &  any necessary safety items , etc.