We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially on game day! We all know the drill. Everyone wakes up, this one can’t find his cleats, the other one can’t find his belt. And before you know it, no one has had breakfast!

I make it a point to make sure that everyone eats a good breakfast before we head to the fields. If we don’t eat ahead of time, then we are starving all day and eat a bunch of junk from the snack stands. Not the best for keeping your ball players fueled for their games.

To make sure everyone eats a good breakfast on game day, you have to plan ahead. Stock your pantry with breakfast essentials so you have options. You can even make a few of these recipes, like muffins and casseroles, ahead of time so it makes grabbing a fast breakfast on the go possible.

The Best Pre-Game Breakfasts

What are your go-to pre-game breakfasts?